Laser-activated nanoparticles are coming to clear your acne

Teen boy suffering from Acne

Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have developed a high-tech solution to the bane of adolescence: acne. Acne occurs when the skin’s pores become clogged. Conventional remedies generally involve stripping the skin of sebum — the waxy substance naturally produced by pores that makes your skin waterproof — with topical washes or regulating its production with medication. However, researchers have published a novel solution in the Journal of Controlled Release, called selective photothermolysis, that relies on neither drugs nor harsh chemicals.

The technique delivers gold-coated silica nanoparticles subdermally (literally shoving them into the sebaceous gland using low-frequency ultrasound), then “activating” them using laser beams. “The unique thing about these particles is that when you shine a laser on them, they efficiently convert light into heat via a process called surface plasmon resonance,” Samir Mitragotri, UCSB professor of chemical engineering said in a statement. The particles heat up and effectively burn out the overproductive sebaceous gland. Then they, and any excess sebum, are eventually excreted from the pore.

Unlike traditional acne washes, this method doesn’t irritate the skin (which itself can lead to

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ACNE Signs Directing Duo Mårlind & Stein

Integrated production company ACNE welcomes Swedish directing duo Mårlind Stein, comprising of Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, to its pool of talented filmmakers in the U.S. Uniquely collaborative, the duo has been working together for over a decade on films, commercials, and television. They are best known for helming #1 U.S. box office hit Underworld: Awakening, starring Kate Beckinsale, and the popular Scandinavian crime drama series BRON, which has aired in 160 countries and been remade in the U.S. (The Bridge) and UK (The Tunnel).

“We have been keeping our eyes on these guys for a while,” says ACNE Partner/CEO Jesper Pålsson. “Their smart directing style and approach to storytelling together with a strong skill set in VFX and the action genre make this a very strong partnership for ACNE.”

Mårlind Stein first began their collaboration in 2002 at Stockholm-based production company Camp David where they directed commercials for major brands including Nike, UNICEF, Toyota, Reebok, Scandinavian Airlines, and IKEA.

Since then, they have steadily alternated between commercial and feature projects, including two time Swedish Guldbagge Award winner Känn Ingen Sorg , a drama about an aspiring musician, the bold pro-LGBT Sochi Olympics spot “Airport Love” for apparel company

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Study reveals high levels of non-adherence to acne treatments

Recent study shows that 27% of 143 patients prescribed therapy for acne (in the image, a young person with acne vulgarise) did not collect all their prescribed medicines.

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A study shows that 27% of 143 patients prescribed therapy for acne did not collect all their prescribed medicines

Treatment outcomes depend on adherence to the prescribed regimen. A survey published in JAMA Dermatology[1] (online, 20 March 2015) reveals that 27% of 143 patients prescribed therapy for acne did not collect all their prescribed medicines; this figure was higher than the previously reported rate of 10%.

Levels of non-adherence varied according to the number of treatments prescribed, from 9% in those prescribed just one treatment to 40% for those prescribed two treatments. Patients were more likely to fill electronic prescriptions than paper prescriptions and less likely to adhere to treatment with topical retinoids and over-the-counter medicines than other treatments.


“Simplifying treatment regimens by prescribing products that contain two or more active ingredients could prove effective in reducing non-adherence,” the researchers suggest.

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Are Your Headphones Causing Your Acne?

Are Your Headphones Causing Your Acne?

Headphones are a necessity for the modern music-lover or phone user but your gadgets could also be taking a negative toll on your skin. (Photo: Getty Images)

Some things in life never seem to last as long as we want them to: Your last paycheck, free cookies, or (perhaps most disappointing of all), clear skin are all relatable examples. Sure, we know that there are tons of prescribed, over-the-counter, and even some go-to natural ingredients that can treat an annoying blemish in a flash, but wouldn’t it be less frustrating to know why our pimples are, well, popping up in the first place?

While genetics and hormones play a huge role, there are certain sneaky, everyday habits that could be irritating your skin too. Like coveting those beloved gadgets of yours.

For instance, think about how your headphones go everywhere with you—school, work, the subway, the gym—and you slide them on without giving it a second thought. Cranking up the music is totally therapeutic (and yes, great for drowning out an annoying sibling), but it turns out if you’re seeing spots on your temples and jaw line, the headphones you use for your daily jam

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Why We’re Loving Acne’s Wear-With-Everything Penny Loafer…

Fashion has fallen back in love with flat shoes (phew), and we’re quite happy to follow suit since spotting this chic pair of penny loafers.

Comfy, versatile and unmistakably cool, there is nothing we don’t love about this monochrome pair of flats.

Street stylers have long been savvy to the loafer revival, seen rocking every which version over the past two seasons, from suede fringe styles, high-shine pastel patent designs (yes, really), and even snake print.

No suprise then to see this style has trickled through and is now one of the coolest ways to work the flat shoe trend.

Yes, the masculine shape may seem daunting, but when teamed with some slim-fit, ankle-grazing jeans and a crew neck knit, this style is far more flattering than you might think.

Those feeling brave will want to try teaming theirs with socks, and for everyone else, bare ankles is the way to go.

The best bit? The cool metal detailing on the front is actually inspired by a watch wristband (the clue is in the name) and adds an even cooler edge to your look.

So with all that in mind, we think this pair of flat shoes will be worth every penny spent and should

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Combining Gold, Ultrasound, And Lasers To Treat Acne

By Suzanne Hodsden

Acne nanoparticle

Scientists have developed a new acne treatment system that uses ultrasound in conjunction with gold-covered particles and lasers. Early results suggest that the treatment could lessen the frequency and intensity of outbreaks without the potential side-effects of current acne treatments.

Researchers from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) collaborated with private medical device company Sebacia to develop a novel approach called photothermolysis using Sebacia’s proprietary gold-covered silica particles. The treatment targets the overproduction of sebum, an oily substance secreted by sebaceous glands, which can harbor bacteria and clog pores.

Photothermolysis uses low-frequency ultrasound to push the gold-covered silica particles into the sebaceous glands, according to an article in the UCSB Current. The process then uses lasers to heat up the particles using surface plasmon resonance, which essentially disabling the sebaceous glands.

“If you deactivate these overproducing glands, you’re basically treating the root cause of the acne,” said Samir Mitragotri, professor of chemical engineering at UCSB and lead author of the study.

Earlier this year, Sebacia announced positive results from two independent clinical studies conducted in Europe that tested the efficacy and safety of gold-covered silica particles as an acne treatment.

According to

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Beauty Tips With Dunni: Home Remedies For Acne

Every Wednesday I get super excited because I put out a post for you guys. For the last 2 months, we have been discussing a lot of home remedies, and this week we will be discussing the home remedies for acne.

I previously did a post on acne, but home remedies were not included. All I did was  give tips on toning, moisturizing and exfoliating. I also listed fruits your skin loves the most. See the full post here

This time, we are strictly discussing home remedies. Here are 7 home remedies for acne:

1)Orange peel Water

The acidic property and high vitamin c from an orange make it a good remedy for acne. Orange juice a s well as the peel are useful in battling acne but the peels are more effective.

Simply, leave the peels to dry out in the sun. Then grind the dry peel, mix with water to form a paste and apply on the affected area for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off.Acne5

2)Honey Lemon

This is definitely the most popular one. Simply mix equal quantities of honey and lemon juice. Apply gently on the face, leave

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