Kitchen holds acne cures

Kitchen holds acne cures

(IANS) / 3 March 2015

Take a peep into your kitchen to banish acne, an expert says

Navin Taneja, director of The National Skin Center, shares home remedies to cure acne: 

Lemon juice: Take a slice of lemon, rub it on the face and leave it for a few minutes. Then rinse your face.

Aloe vera juice: The medicinal properties of aloe vera can treat acne. Apply aloe Vera juice on affected area twice daily.

Neem: Neem has fungicidal properties

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Hunt on for acne-scarred bandit in Maple Ridge

Old acne scars under his lip might be a distinct enough feature to help catch a slender armed bandit who robbed a Maple Ridge gas station Monday evening.
Mounties are asking for the public’s help to catch an armed robber who entered the Chevron at Dewdney Trunk Road and 216th Street on Monday, just before 5 p.m.
Producing a weapon, the 5 ft. 9 in. man in his late 20s or early 30s and sporting a baseball cap and hoody, made off with an undisclosed amount of cash, said Ridge Meadows RCMP Insp. Dan Splinter.
“The store’s clerk did a very commendable job by complying with the suspect’s demands, and remaining safe throughout dealing with this person,” Splinter said.
Police now say they’re investigating three similar type of robberies, but are not yet sure if it’s the same suspect.
“Investigators continue to look for leads, and certainly welcome any information from citizens.”
Anyone with information is asked to call the RCMP at 604-463-6251, or to remain anonymous call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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Six kitchen remedies to cure acne!

New Delhi: Peep into your kitchen to vanquish acne, says an expert.

Navin Taneja, director of The National Skin Center, shares home remedies to cure acne:

* Lemon juice: Take a slice of lemon, rub it on the face and leave it for a few hours. Then rinse your face.

* Aloe vera juice: The medicinal properties of aloe vera can treat acne. Apply aloe Vera juice on affected area twice daily.

* Neem: Neem has fungicidal properties hence, it is very effective in treating acne. Make a paste of neem leaves by adding small amount of water. Apply it on the affected areas.

* Honey: Honey has both antiseptic and moisturising properties. Apply honey on the affected skin for half an hour. Then try to first rinse the honey off with warm water first, followed by cold water so that pores get closed.

* Orange peel: Vitamin C in orange is good for treating acne. Take orange peel and allow it to dry under sun, then grind it into powder form. Add water to the powder, mixing it into a paste. Apply it on the face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash it off.

* Grapes: Take fresh chilled

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Acne Prevention-Proper Skin Care is the Key

Acne breakouts are one of the common concerns of individuals these days especially the teens. Though there are several ways on how to prevent acne that sufferers can consider, recent news revealed that proper skin care is still one of the best keys toward effective acne prevention. You might have heard it before, but acne prevention is also considered as the best medicine. Preventing acne is proven to be an effective treatment solution to stop the breakout in the first place.

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Prevention is the easiest thing to do to get rid of acne and reduce the risk of accumulating pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and inflammation. Hormones, genetics and skin care play a vital role in treating acne. Though you cannot really control your genes, influencing your skin care regimen and hormones is something that you can possibly do for ultimate acne prevention.

According to HealthDay News (, proper skin care guarantees acne prevention and scarring prevention as well. A website gives suggestions to help women and men get rid of acne breakout completely. These suggestions  include washing the skin properly two times a day and after excessive and heavy sweating, washing the face with the

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Tailored Treatments for Women With Adult Acne


Studies have shown that women are more likely than men to develop acne as an adult. Like many skin conditions, acne can have a significant impact on a person’s overall quality of life—affecting relationships, work performance and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are a number of proven therapies to control adult acne and many also provide some help with the early signs of aging that many adult women face.

AAD expert

Information provided by Joshua Zeichner, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and director of cosmetic and clinical research, department of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, NY.

Type of acne dictates treatment

Zeichner explained that an important first step to determine a patient’s specific type and severity of acne. Acne is generally classified as inflammatory, the most severe form of acne, also referred to as nodulocystic acne, when deep nodules are widespread, or non-inflammatory acne marked by blackheads and whiteheads. For each type of acne there are several therapies that can clear existing acne, reduce future breakouts and in some cases improve signs of aging.

Topical retinoids

Home-Remedies for Acne and Acne Scars

Home-Remedies for Acne and Acne Scars

Adult acne is a challenge and not necessarily a by-product of age like it was when we were young. It’s true that adult acne break out mainly due to hormonal reasons, but it can also be the result of extremely oily skin. And believe me, acne and acne scars, small or big can be a real blow to a person’s confidence.

(Of pimples and problematic skin)

For old scars, I believe no cream in the world can work. Your only option is laser treatment and that too in experienced and controlled. It’s strange that to treat any other part or organ of your body, you’d go to a doctor and readily accept treatment, but for the face why is it that we look for treatments over the internet. Isn’t your skin equally important?

(Fight acne by going natural)

So first what you need to do is find yourself a good dermatologist. And what’s the best way to do that? Every city has its own medical council. For example, in Delhi there is the Delhi Medical Council, in Maharashtra there is the Maharashtra

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Acne-pocked bandit robs Paramus bank

UPDATE: A bandit described as white, in his 30s, with possible acne scars on his face  robbed a Paramus bank tonight after passing a note and implying that he had a weapon, Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg said.

The robber fled the TD Bank on South Paramus Road at the Garden State Parkway exit on the Rochelle Park border just after 6:30 p.m. wearing a checkered hoodie under a black Carhartt-style jacket and over what looks like a billed cap and sunglasses, Ehrenberg said.

He was about 5-foot-4, with a chin-strap-style beard and “physically implied that he was armed with a weapon,” the chief said.

FBI agents responded, while Rochelle Park and Fair Lawn police helped their Paramus colleagues establish a perimeter.

A Bergen County Sheriff’s K-9 unit responded, with negative results.



It wasn’t immediately determined how much was taken.

Anyone with information about the holdup is asked to call the Paramus PD: (201) 262-3400.

Popular Myths about Acne That Might Be Doing more Harm than Good!

Acne is a tricky thing to deal with, as we’re still not quite sure how it works in many regards, and we don’t have any sure-fire ways to prevent it from occurring, nor to completely deal away with it once it starts to manifest. And yet, there are certain things that can be done to minimize the risk of developing a full-blown acne breakout, and in addition, there are some things that should be avoided during an actual outbreak in order to minimize the harm.

One of the things that has come to light recently, is that bacteria (in general) are not necessarily harmful to a person suffering from acne. Yes, it’s true that the condition does develop due to bacteria in the first place – but at the same time, some studies indicate that certain types of bacteria could actually be helpful. It turns out that there are bacteria that work against acne, so using products that kill bacteria could do more harm than good in the long run.

There are some claims that foods rich in fat could be a

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Tips For Clear Skin — Banish Blemishes & Fight Acne For Good

Acne ails almost everyone — even celebrities! No one is immune from the occasional blemish. No matter how minor or severe your acne is, I have a good solution for you. Shop our acne gallery right here!

Even stars like Kristen Stewart and Lorde suffer from acne. I do too — I’m glad I’m not walking any red carpets! I’m constantly on the hunt for new treatments to banish blemishes — shop my new favorites below!

Tips For Clear Skin — How To Get Rid Of Acne

Dr. Doris Day tells readers that you should, “switch off cleansing daily with a benzoyl peroxide wash, for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits, and a 2% salicylic wash to exfoliate.”

She also prescribes ACZONE Gel to patients with more persistent and severe cases.

One salicylic acid face wash I love is the Olay Fresh Effects Clear Skin Acne Hater Deep Scrub Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Deep Scrub, Citrus/Mint. It’s super gentle, so it won’t irritate skin, and it smells amazing! I also love the Towelettes and Pore Reducing Mattifier

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